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At Wisdom Financial, we have over 19 years of experience helping clients be the absolute best financial version of themselves.

-Steve Charlton, Certified Financial Fiduciary®

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At Wisdom Financial, we use real math (not hypothetical numbers) to help clients turn their debt into wealth, minimize or eliminate taxation, and increase spendable tax-advantaged income for life. With a personalized approach, we will look at, identify and address all of our clients individual and unique financial challenges. It’s our goal to wrap our arms around their unique situations and help guide & lead them to become the absolute best financial version of themselves. Through optimized planning strategies and an unbeatable team of needed financial professionals that have the singular goal, to put your needs first and to serve you and your families wealth as if we were family.
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Steve is simply one of the hardest working and most dedicated people that I have ever worked with. The inspiring thing is, that this holds true in not only his work life, but with family and spirituality as well.


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About Steve Charlton
Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Speaker Educator  Advisor

Steve Charlton is a man of faith, honor, and integrity. Whether at the gym, on the trails with his wife or in the bleachers watching his boys play baseball, Steve brings that same high level of care and passion to the conversation of Wealth & Distribution, and more importantly how the tax code can work for us and not against us.

As a Certified Financial Fiduciary®, Steve serves as a Wealth Preservation & Distribution Specialist and takes that title seriously. He was fortunate to begin his career in the financial industry serving as a bond-broker, working with CFO’s of banks & credit unions. This allowed him to experience and learn the institutional side of the markets, which provides tremendous wisdom to be shared into the consumer market. In 2005, Steve decided to launch his own firm and has now helped nearly 2000 families spread across the nation who have entrusted him with their financial wellbeing. Steve’s client base is diverse in both their professional backgrounds & financial needs. Steve has been actively serving his clients for nearly 20 years and proudly owns a record free of any consumer complaints. This is a direct result of the core values at Wisdom Financial.

“As fiduciaries, it is our job to to what is in the best interests of our client, as Certified Financial Fiduciaries®, our job is to foster a relationship of trust, morally, ethically, and legally. The client should demand that level of the duty of good faith, duty of care, and duty of loyalty. This is what drives us, so that our client’s best interests always come first. We then take it to the next level and employ full transparency for both our clients and the multitudes of financial institutions that we work with. Our clients become our family and we could not be more grateful to serve and protect them.”

“We look forward to inviting you to experience how our team can help you successfully navigate the years leading up to and through the complete duration of your retirement lifecycle. Our team will equip you with a personal, thorough & exclusive plan that is actively managed to ensure you continue to prosper throughout your retirement years, regardless of what goes on in the markets, economy, government, or health. We call it the ‘Peace of Mind Factor'”
-Steve Charlton, Certified Financial Fiduciary®


Steve’s personal relationship with God drives his commitment to service through trust, transparency, and faith. Taking this posture into leading his family creates the driving force of his core values & ethics. Learning the “Golden Rule” at an early age, Steve simply believed that was the only way to operate his life and chooses to live that out in every area of his life, most certainly in how he treats and cares for his clients. Steve’s best friend is his lovely wife of 20 years, Rachel. They have five incredible boys, ages 21, 19, 18, 16 and 13. Following in their father’s footsteps, they are both academically and athletically gifted. Steve is a proud leader in his home, church, and community and enjoys every opportunity to guide others in an educational capacity, whether that be regarding personal finances & the power of leverage, or in how to sit on the curve ball when you need to move the runner. While Steve & Rachel spend weekdays working hard to ensure their clients remain financially secure, the family spends weekends enjoying hikes, bike rides, spending time with extended family, and yes of course, lots of baseball.

Among his many accomplishments, Steve is a professional trained speaker and gifted fitness junky & life coach. As a speaker, Steve travels to speak from an educational perspective around the topic of economic mathematics, which is how to leverage a dollar. He says all too often that, “the greatest things about math is that there are no agendas, which is the selling that is so prevalent in this industry, but more importantly math has no emotions, 2+2=4 doesn’t give anyone anxiety.” So, his passion to educate others on tools of the wealthy and how to view both the market and any asset class, as simply a tool to get a job done. When you use the right tools for the right job, you can guarantee success.

As a coach, Steve uses his spiritual gifts of speech, habit control, and gratitude to guide married businessmen with children how to lead themselves, their wives, their families, and their businesses into elite levels of purpose. Having served as deacon at his church for several years, Steve quickly realized the need for masculine leadership among the congregation, which has grown to serve married men & families across the nation. Whether recreationally volunteering in his community or professionally helping his clients secure, grow and preserve their wealth, Steve’s sincerity and passion for continual growth &expansion cannot be duplicated.

“I believe in daily goals and mine is to be a humble servant. This is what serves as my moral compass through a deep connection with God. Our relationships and our health must be prioritized, and I am committed to helping create financial success for all of my clients so they can have and spend their free time on the things that matter most to them.”
-Steve Charlton